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the online interactive zone that provides a space for the free-flow of words, images, thoughts, discussions, and ideas around the OpenForum 2012 theme, 'money, power, sex: the paradox of unequal growth.'

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Cape Town
Radio station:     Bush Radio 89.5FM
Website               http://bushradio.wordpress.com/
Listen Live          http://tunein.com/radio/Bush-Radio-895-s6367/

Radio station      X FM 95.1FM
Rebroadcasting  Vibe FM 91.9FM
Website X           http://www.xfm951.com/       Listen live: http://radio.gjoy24.com/online/X_FM_951 
Website Vibe      http://vibefm.com.gh/vibe/    Listen live:   http://streema.com/radios/Vibe_FM_2

Dust Magazine will also be tweeting the debate live from Accra! Follow @DustAccra


Radio station      Ghetto Radio 89.5FM
Website              www.ghettoradio.co.ke
Listen Live          http://www.thisisafrica.me/radioplayer/live/ghettoradio
Host                    Linda Ochanda